How to Get Started as a Curriculum Developer

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Curriculum development is my absolute favorite thing to do. When designing lessons, I love to make them as engaging and fun as possible for students and teachers. Working as a curriculum designer allows me to be creative and feel connected to the classroom, even though I’m not a classroom teacher anymore. Want to get started with curriculum design? Follow these steps!

1. Look at What You’ve Already Done

Whether you are currently a classroom teacher or not, you’ve probably written lesson and unit plans before. Think about a favorite piece of curriculum you’ve written. Reflect on what kinds of lessons, assessments, activities, etc. you enjoy creating.

2. Build a Portfolio

Next, collect curriculum samples into a portfolio. If you have existing materials that you could use, that’s great but totally not necessary. This can be a great time to create new curriculum that showcases your skills and areas of expertise.

3. Learn New Frameworks

There are a ton of curriculum frameworks out there. The more you know, the better. Think about diving into project-based learning, Understanding by Design, Teaching for Understanding, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), etc. This is also a great time to brush up on state and national standards.

4. Write and refine

As with anything writing-related, practice is essential. Even after you have the bones of a portfolio, continue to write curriculum. Apply what you’ve learned about different frameworks and standards, refine your approach, and continue to develop stellar examples of what you can create.

5. Apply for Jobs

When you have built your portfolio and your confidence, it’s time to apply for jobs! For each job you apply for, be sure to highlight your specific skills and how they would be an asset to the job. If you want ideas for where to look and more support becoming a curriculum developer, the Educator Forever Course has step-by-step guides on how to develop your skills, find, and land curriculum development jobs. Get on the waitlist for the new Educator Forever Course here!

Want to learn more about getting started as a curriculum designer? Watch a recent Facebook Live I did on this topic below.

Lily Jones