3 Tips to Stand Out During the Job Hunt

3 Tips to Stand Out During the Job Hunt Blog Graphic.png

Searching for jobs is both exhilarating and exhausting. As you apply for job after job, it can be hard to get clear on what sets you apart from other applicants. But it’s so important! If you want your application to shine, the first step is knowing exactly why you are the best fit for the job.

Taking a little extra time and energy goes a long way. Instead of using the same cover letter and resume for each job you apply to, tailor your application materials to each position. This will show that you put effort into your application— the same type of effort and care you will put in once you land the job.

Use these three tips to stand out during the job hunt:

Do Your Research

Begin by really getting to know the company or organization that you are applying for. Read up on their website, ask around to see if you know anyone who has used their services, etc. Then use the details you learned to explain why you are interested in working at the organization. For example, if you are applying for a position at a curriculum development company and see that they recently put out a social-emotional curriculum, mention how and why that interests you. Everyone wants to hire people that will be invested in their work, so use this as an opportunity to show your enthusiasm.

Make Yourself Shine

Think about how your skill set and experience connects to the position you are applying for. Then really make these details shine in your cover letter and resume. For example, if you are applying to work at an ed tech company, mention how you have used educational technology in the classroom or how you served on your school district’s technology committee. These details may not fit in other applications, but they are the perfect ones to highlight for this job. If you are applying for a variety of jobs, you may want to create several slightly-different resumes for each category of positions you are applying to.

Don’t Give the Job Too Much Power

When applying for jobs, it can be easy to put pressure on yourself. It can also be tempting to think about the job as being a game-changer by saying things like “If I got this job, I could pay off all my debt” or “If I got this job, I would be so much happier.” But if we do this too much, we end up giving the potential job so much power. Then we tend to get flustered and overwhelmed because the job is now SO important to us, mainly because we cooked up all these stories in our head about it.

Try not to go there. It’s great to get excited about jobs, but it’s also important to remember that you are the most important part of the job search. You need to find a job that works for you, one that you feel motivated about and well-qualified for. Try to see the job search as an opportunity for you to get to know other organizations and learn what might be a good fit for you. You are incredibly valuable and would be an asset in all sorts of different positions!

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