A Day in the Life of an Educator Forever


This post was written by April Brown, an amazing curriculum developer and education consultant who is also an alumni of the Educator Forever course. April was such a rock star in the course that she now helps to facilitate it! Read on to learn what a typical day is like for April.

Today was one of those chaotic parenting days. My husband is on a weekend getaway with friends and our three-year-old just didn’t want to stay at preschool. I was prepared to drop her off and get some work done, but my work plans had to take a back seat as she was dealing with some major anxiety from missing dad. So I explained what was going on to her teachers, packed up her things, and brought her home with me. We even made a pit stop on our way home to our favorite bakery to pick up a treat and a much needed iced coffee (for me, of course).

If I was still teaching full time, I wouldn’t have had the freedom to bring her home. I would have left her there, crying and anxious. Then I would have headed straight to my classroom rocking a smile while hiding my feelings of sadness and guilt. I would have worried about her throughout the day, but kept my feelings to myself. Unless you or a family member is really sick, teachers know how hard it is to take the day off. Because we have lessons to teach, standards to cover, and students who need us. 

So instead of juggling the stress of teaching and parenting, even with my kid at home, I was able to hold an online meeting (with her on my lap), dive into a curriculum audit project, connect with colleagues through email, and write this blog. This afternoon we’ll eat lunch together, I’ll attend another virtual meeting, and I’ll write some curriculum. 

My career as a curriculum designer, writer, and education consultant started a couple years ago. While I was teaching, I had a side hustle with an ed-tech company, but after having my daughter, I wanted to pursue my side hustle full time. After taking the Educator Forever course, I felt liberated to dive fully into pursuing flexible jobs in education. Being an #educatorforever means I don’t have to choose between my family and my students. It also means I get to continue making a difference for students and teachers around the globe.

Are you interested in becoming an #educatorforever? Join us for our next live course, starting in October! Whatever your reason, pursuing flexible jobs in education can help you build the life of your dreams. What are you waiting for?