The Blissful Teacher: A Business Based on Self Care

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When Beth Wrobel was in her 23rd year of teaching, she began to experience the signs of burnout. She was overworked, undersupported, and not sure that she could continue at her current pace. Beth saw herself and other teachers giving their all to their profession, but often at their own expense. After experiencing how essential oils cured her daughter’s allergies, Beth decided to look into how to create self-care products using healing oils. 

The idea came to her in the middle of the night: teachers needed these pampering products! She began to mix body creams and room sprays, giving them cute teacher-oriented names like Perfect Attendance and Recess Duty Relaxation. The products are focused on decreasing stress while increasing immunity and energy. Beth sold these products to teachers and those wanting to support the teachers in their lives. Eventually, she decided to leave the classroom and focus on The Blissful Teacher.

In an interview I did with Beth for the Educator Forever course members, I learned about Beth’s mission to help teachers and how she grew her successful business. Though Beth’s business is focused on self-care, I realized throughout our talk that we both essentially have the same mission: to help teachers. 

Beth started her business while in the classroom, first selling to friends and then branching out to local stores. Throughout it all, Beth kept trying to get her products in the hands of teachers who could benefit from them. She credits her website and social media accounts to helping her build an audience. 

“It’s challenging, but it’s worth it when it’s your passion,” said Beth. 

As Beth’s business grew, she began to see how teachers truly can do anything. She was able to use her teaching experience to create products that resonated with other teachers. Reflecting on how her business has grown, Beth credits her teacher skills for her success.

“Teachers have mad organization skills. We also make so many decisions throughout the day, which helps when running a business,” said Beth. “We can publicize and share our messages while also being heartfelt and empathetic.” 

No matter how much work running a business is, nothing compares to the work that went into being a teacher. When teachers step out of the classroom and into new arenas, it’s fascinating to see how their teacher skills can take a new shape. 

“You just can’t feel stuck in anything you do. With teachers specifically, we feel like we have one degree and we can’t do other things. We’re a teacher, but granted we’re also a therapist, a secretary, a parent,” said Beth. “But at the end of the day we have this one degree. It’s about looking outside that one particular spot that you feel stuck in.” 

I hope that hearing about what other educators are doing beyond the classroom helps you to feel less stuck. You have amazing skills that can be used to build whatever dream you can imagine! To learn more about Beth and check out her awesome products, head over to The Blissful Teacher website.

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